Success Stories

“I was surprised how quickly it all started coming back! I’d been thinking about taking Spanish classes again for years and I’m so glad I found Leah. She’s a great teacher… passionate and patient. She did a great job meeting us all exactly where we were and helping to satisfy each of our goals and needs. Her assignments were challenging and fun but also realistic; nothing too overwhelming. Leah had great course materials, apps to recommend, and fun lessons.”

— Kristina

“You are one of the best teachers I have ever had. My goal at the start was to improve my speaking so I could have a full, casual conversation in Spanish without having to hesitate and think about what I was going to say before I say it. Through your help and encouragement of participation, I believe I achieved my goal. Again, thank you.”

— Sam E.

“Leah is an amazing language teacher! I was completely new to Spanish but after a few weeks I felt like I was really starting to grasp the language. This class was challenging and rewarding. I highly recommend Leah.”

— Jacob

“Leah made the daunting task of learning your first language fun and exciting for our fifth grade daughter and friend! She quickly introduced fun dialogues for them to role play in Spanish, had the girls label our kitchen in Spanish with Post-its, and had them creating Spanish video blogs.”

— Kathy E.


“We noticed big improvements in our son’s language and vocabulary, math and science. Also, his teachers  were impressed with his self confidence in the classroom and even with his peers. Leah is a professional and reliable tutor, I highly recommend.”

— Vahe

“Leah’s warm, personalized teaching style was exactly what we were seeking.  She guided our teenage son with great knowledge, professionalism, kindness, patience and understanding. Leah is a remarkable educator and an honest and kind person. We highly recommend her.”

— Martin D.


“Leah is very knowledgeable, approachable, and so! much! fun!  Now, Spanish is something I look forward to studying. I never felt pressured or stressed out during the eight week course. Leah explains concepts very thoroughly and concisely — 10/10!”

— Angel M.