Learn Spanish with me in a small group class online! Contact me now to get started!

Although I love teaching private 1-1 lessons, teaching small group classes can be maravilloso and full of inspiring community and important accountability that can spice things up for sure! When anyone asks me about taking a Spanish class with me, my first question to them is: Do you have any friends who you’d like to learn Spanish with? Learning with others can help bring down cost as well as build on the trust you already have with your friends. Adding Spanish as something you’re learning together could be awesome!

If you’re curious about what’s happening with all this, I will give you a sneak peek at some ideas for classes, some of which are starting soon. You’re the first to know! If any of these classes look like fun to you, email me now to get started!


  • La tele en Español: Watch series and films with Spanish audio and subtitles
  • Spanish for Entrepreneurs: Expand Your Reach in Your Business and Diversify Your Client Base
  • La música: Learn Spanish in Context through Music and Song Lyrics
  • Safe Space Spanish for Women: Feel Confident and Have a Voice


Sound good? Email me today and finally get started on your Spanish journey!

¡Gracias y nos vemos en línea muy pronto!