Learning with Leah’s first student-published, Spanish magazine is hot off the presses! 🔥 📰

I want to give a huge shout-out to my remarkable eighth-grade student, Riley, who published Volumen 1 of her first Spanish-language magazine! She used her experience working on her school yearbook to write and design this awesome, self-published magazine! ¡Excelente!

Riley’s keen eye for graphic design, coupled with her gift for writing creative and thoughtful articles in Spanish, resulted in a fantastic Volumen 1 of her Revista!

Keep a lookout for the complete digital magazine soon but for now, you can enjoy some samples of her work here.

Riley chose a variety of interesting topics to write about and took it to the next level with making creative decisions about visual images and a color scheme.

The process to create the magazine was long and required a lot of patience. The steps of the process involved brainstorming/discussing, writing, editing, revising, formatting, designing and publishing and it took a total of about six months to complete. It was always important for me as Riley’s tutor, to help her think through what she most liked to write about so that we could always keep the magazine focused on areas she is interested in.

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Some highlights of Riley’s work are: she introduced herself to the reader in Todo sobre mi, chose assignments from our work together and transformed them into colorful final drafts, and made a few Ads that showed command of new grammar and vocabulary.


She also wrote book reviews and critiqued TV shows using a unique rating system she created. Five cookies means “So awesome!” (¡Súper chévere!) 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪


Does this look like fun? Get signed up now!

Hats off to you, Riley! ¡Brava!

Un saludo, Leah